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3D Printing Materials

There are a variety of different plastics that can be used in 3D printing, and each one has different characteristics and uses.


The best guide I've found is this one: Simplify3D Materials Guide.


If you aren't sure where to start, head to the contact page - let's start a conversation!

Also - the colors displayed here are not 100% accurate. I can print a small sample medallion for you to study if you wish.


PLA, or Polylactic Acid, is a naturally based filament. It is brittle and is mostly used for decorative purposes.


Being naturally based, it is biodegradable, so no guilt is involved when printing with this material! :)

Available Colors:


ABS is a durable plastic that is used in many everyday use items like Lego pieces.

It's tough, and is highly resistant to weathering, which is why this plastic is often used to print items for outdoors use.

Available Colors:

PA (Nylon)

PA, more commonly known as Nylon, is an engineering plastic known for its durability.

Its characteristics are remarkably similar to that of ABS - only Nylon has a lower coefficient of friction (it's more slippery).

Available Colors:


PETG is a material known for being water and chemical resistant. For this reason, many water bottles and containers are made of this.

PETG is really easy to print, and is known to have a nice sheen, which is why decorative items are often printed from this material.

Available Colors:


HIPS, or High Impact Polystyrene, is an engineering plastic. As the name implies, it handles rough treatment very well.

However, any chemical containing Limonene will dissolve this, so be careful when cleaning it!

Available Colors:


TPU is a rubber-like plastic. It is insanely tough, and very flexible.

I've made tires for RC cars and aircraft out of this.

Available Colors:


PC, or Polycarbonate, is a very tough material, often used to make bulletproof shields and shatterproof glass.

I wouldn't bet my life on it, but it is darned tough.

Available Colors:


Wood Filled filament basically is PLA, but with a twist: it is approximately 30% wood fiber. It is mostly used for decorative items.

Temperature matters when printing this, as it can actually vary the shade that the prints come out as!

Available Colors:

Standard Resin

This is the standard material for a DLP printer. I can color match any hue with resin dye, the colors below are default.

It is fairly brittle and is usually used for parts that see little wear and tear, and is commonly used for gaming pieces.

Available Colors:

Tough Resin

Suitable for engineering applications, this resin has similar qualities to ABS. I can color match any hue with resin dye, the colors below are default.

If parts with precision down to 0.02mm are needed, look no further!

Available Colors:
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